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You can port any of your US & Canada Virtual Numbers away from Tossable Digits to another carrier.

NOTE: Porting Out a number within 30 days of Porting In will incur a USD$5 fee.
To get the Port Out Details for a Virtual Phone Number, follow these steps:
  1. Log into your Account
  2. Click the Profile Tab
  3. Scroll to Number Transfer PIN
  4. Generate a Number Transfer PIN
  5. Go to Billing > Virtual Numbers
  6. Click the Port Out button next to the Virtual Number
  7. Provide this information to your new carrier
Repeat Steps 6 & 7 for each Virtual Number you wish to Port Out.

We do not provide Customer Service Records, also called CSRs. They are not required in most cases to port your number.
Number Transfer PIN on Profile Tab
Billing > Virtual Numbers > Port Out Button
Port Out Details for New Carrier

How Porting Out Works

All US Carriers use the NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center) to move numbers between carriers, called Local Number Portability.

The new, called winning, carrier is responsible for choosing a date and time, called the Firm Order Commit, or FOC, that NPAC will move the number, once the Port Out request is approved by the current, called losing, carrier.

Once approved, the number will move to the winning carrier at the FOC date and time.

Tossable Digits is unable to control, change, or speed up the Port Out process, because it is the winning carrier that chooses the FOC date and time, not Tossable Digits, and it is NPAC that moves the number.

Minimize Port Out Delays by telling the winning Carrier:
  1. The current carrier, Tossable Digits, is a wireline carrier
  2. The current carrier is directly integrated with NPAC
  3. Request an FOC date & time that is at least 4 hours in the future, and between 8am and 8pm US Eastern Time Monday-Friday. If after 4pm Eastern, request 8am the next available weekday.

How Local Number Porting Works