Support ⋟ Limitations of our Service

While we can do many amazing things, there are a few limitations on our service you need to know about.

Phone Verification Services

We are unable to guarantee that our numbers will work with phone verification services, such as the kind businesses such as PayPal, eBay and Craigslist use, that allow you to create accounts with other services. We cannot guarantee that our numbers will work or have never been used for the same purpose prior to your purchase, and as such, if we know about the verification service and it has been abused in the past, we will block incoming calls from such services.

We will not issue a refund if you purchase a number with an intent to use such automated account authorization and verification services and it does not succeed, regardless of your legitimacy for using it.

We do NOT block verification services, such as Yellow Pages, Google Local or directory services, so that you can have your number or numbers listed in a directory.

Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts

AT YOUR OWN RISK, you can try to create Craigslist PVAs with our numbers manually. This may not work.

  1. Using Outdial, make a call from your Virtual Number to Craigslist Customer Service at 800-664-0633.
  2. When they answer, they should see your CallerID as your Virtual Number and be able to manually confirm your account.

WhatsApp & Viber Account Verification

As of July 2018, we have tested and you can use our Virtual Numbers to verify WhatsApp and Viber accounts using the "Call Me" method. The SMS option does work with a US Short Code as well. You may need to wait 60-120 seconds after you try to send an SMS verification code in order to have the Call Me option begin.

US SMS Short Code Services and Verification

A partial list of companies that are able to reach our US Virtual Numbers using SMS Short Code messages. Presence in this list DOES NOT GUARANTEE that these 3rd parties support all our US Virtual Numbers for account creation and verification.

Simultaneous Call Limits

US Local, Toll Free and non-premium Canada Numbers

By default there is a limit of 2 simultaneous calls per Virtual Number. However we monitor these numbers and if that limit is ever reached we will increase the limit automatically within 24 hours. Before the limit is increased, callers may receive a busy signal. If you expect to receive more than 2 simultaneous calls on a single Virtual Number on a regular basis, please contact our Support Staff to increase that limit.

Premium US, Premium Canada and International Numbers

There is a limit of 2 simultaneous calls per Virtual Number. If you need more, please contact our Support Staff.

SMS Limitations

Person-to-Person SMS Traffic Only

US and Canada Local Number SMS may only used be for Person-to-Person (P2P) traffic. Business-related SMS (A2P) must use a US or Canada Toll Free Number to send and receive SMS. Repeated Outgoing SMS messages will be blocked unless on an A2P-approved Number and Campaign. Tossable Digits follows the CTIA Best Practices to enforce P2P SMS Traffic.

No Premium Short Code Support for SMS Text Messaging

US Local, US Toll Free and non-premium Canada Numbers: Most of our US Local and Canadian Local Virtual Numbers support non-premium SMS Short Code messages. However we do not support Premium (pay per message) SMS messaging using Short Codes (5 to 6 digit special numbers) on any of our Virtual Numbers. There is a small fee per message when exchanging messages with non-premium Short Codes.

No Picture Message or Attachment Support for SMS Text Messaging

US Local, US Toll Free and non-premium Canada Numbers: Due to carrier limitations of our Virtual SMS Text Messaging service, our Virtual Numbers are not able to send or receive Pictures, Attachments, Contacts or any other special binary data transmissions. Virtual SMS supports only text-based messages.