Support ⋟ How to Answer an Outdial Call

When using our Mobile App and you receive an incoming Outdial call, it may be easy to confuse which dialpad to "Press 1" on. This has been made a bit more confusing with some of the changes to the iPhone 14 Dynamic Island notifications and IOS 16.

When we call you for an Outdial call, you need to answer the incoming call.

Once answered, you need to positively tap the phone notification to open the full Phone application for the active call.

Here's what the flow will look like. This applies both to Apple iPhones and Android phones, though the Android UI will look a bit different. The concepts and guidance are roughly the same.

Step 1: Place the Outdial Call.
Step 1: Place the Outdial Call
Step 2: Tap on the incoming call notification, but NOT on the Green Answer Button, yet. By tapping on the notification, anywhere in the black area or on the face icon on the left, it will take you to the full screen Incoming Call Phone Application, which you'll need in order to "Press 1."

You might intuitively think that Pressing 1 within our App would work, but it will not! 
We are working on a better User Interface for the active call to avoid this confusion.
Step 2: Tap on the notification, NOT the green Answer Button
Step 3: Tap the Green Answer Button on the full screen Phone Application. Then, once answered, tap the Keypad button.

Step 3: Tap the Green Answer Button, then tap "Keypad."
Step 4: "Press 1" on the keypad. You might choose to hold the digit 1 to ensure that the touch tone is able to be received by our call switches.

Step 4: Press and Hold the digit 1 (one)

This same process can be used for the Android version of our Mobile App.