Support ⋟ How our Billing Works


We want to make it as simple as clear as possible for you to understand what you are paying for and why. This page will explain all of the different ways we bill the services and features of our service.

Subscription Credits

Most of our subscription plans include a certain number of Virtual Numbers and minutes included. These are credits, which are used as you use the service. They are replenished each month on your billing date for both month-to-month and annual plans. If you have available credits, when you purchase additional Virtual Numbers, credits will be used first. If no credits are available, the system will bill you for your additional Virtual Numbers and used minutes at the overage rate according to your subscribed plan.

Additional Purchases

After you use all available Subscription Credits, additional usage will be billed against your account at the rates outlined in your Subscription Plan. These outstanding charges will be billed to your credit card when either:
  1. Your subscription renews on your billing date, or
  2. Your outstanding balance exceeds USD$20
You may request an increase the USD$20 limit if the multiple charges become problematic or inconvenient. You must maintain an on-time payment history for at least three consecutive months with us to qualify.

Subscription Plans

We bill you when you sign up, and your next billing date will be on the previous day of month on the next month. For example, if you sign up on July 15, your next billing date will be August 14th, and the 14th of each month after that. If you sign up on the 2nd through the 28th, this applies to you. If you sign up on the 1st or 29th, 30th or 31st, since not all months have those days, this is how your billing date is calculated:

Signup Day of Month
31-day Month
30-day Month
29-day Month
28-day Month

Your billing date is shown on the Billing page of your account.

For Annual Plans, the billing date is one year minus one day from your Subscription start date.

Annual Plans

Annual Plans are billed annually, though your credits are refreshed monthly.

Prepaid Accounts

You will only be billed if you add funds to your account, or if you have Auto-Recharge enabled. When your account falls below the amount specified, we will attempt to charge your card for the amount you specify. If it fails, you will be notified by email.


  1. If your credit card is declined, we will send you an email notifying you. You have at least 7 days from the first declined charge to resolve the billing situation. For each month of service with us, we increase the number of days you have to resolve the billing issue by 1 day. Web access to your account will be suspended until the billing issue can be resolved.
  2. For customers with less than three months of service, incoming calls will not go through, though we will record the time, date and CallerID of those calls during this period.
  3. For customers with more than three months of service, incoming calls will continue to go through and Voicemails and Call Recordings will still function.
  4. If you do not resolve your unpaid balance in the allotted time, your subscription and all of your Virtual Numbers will be canceled.

Reactivating Canceled Subscriptions

If your subscription was canceled due to a billing issue or accidentally, you can reactivate that subscription again once you resolve any billing issues, as long as the subscription plan has not expired.

To see if you qualify, log into your account and you will be prompted to resolve any billing issues that may exist. Once you get to the "Choose a Subscription" screen, if your subscription plan is still eligible for reactivation, you'll see a blue button at the top of that page that says "Reactivate Previous Subscription." Click continue on the payment page, and you'll be back in your account.

Reconnecting Disconnected Numbers

If you accidentally disconnect one of your Virtual Numbers or were disconnected due to a billing issue, you can Reconnect them in our web portal.

  1. Log Into Your Account
  2. Click the "Billing" link at the top of the page
  3. Search the Billing page for the Virtual Number you want to Reconnect
  4. If it qualifies, there will be a "Reconnect" link next to the number. Click that link to Reconnect.
If you have any trouble Reactivating a previous subscription or Reconnecting a previous Virtual Number contact our Support Staff.

Outdial Calls

Outdial Calls are really two calls: the call to your Call Back Number, and the call to the Call To Number. Outdial Calls are billed at the per-minute rate of the highest cost leg of the call. Minute Credits will be used for Outdial Calls when active credits are available.