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CallerID on Forwarded Calls

We use CallerID when forwarding calls to you to help you identify if the call is coming in through your Virtual Number or directly to your phone. There are three settings you can use for CallerID.

Tossable Digits Support: CallerID on Forwarded Calls

1. Show my Virtual Number (Recommended)
When we forward calls, instead of showing the callers' number, we will show you the Virtual Number they called. That way you can decide to answer the call or not based solely on the Virtual Number they are calling. This setting is ideal when you won't know the CallerID of most of the people calling you, but you'll know what they are calling about based on the number they dialed.

The CallerID of the caller will still be available in your Call Logs on our website, so you can find out who called later.

2. Show the callers' number
Sometimes knowing WHO is calling is more important than what Virtual Number they called. This setting will send the CallerID as the phone number the person is calling from. This option makes the Virtual Number work just like a regular phone would.

3. Do not show any number
Effectively blocks CallerID on forwarded calls. Sometimes you don't want calls forwarded from your Virtual Number to show up on your forwarding phone's phone bill. Use this option to make sure you get the calls but no CallerID values will show up on your phone bill.

How To Change the Call Forwarding CallerID setting on a Virtual Number:

Click on the Virtual Number that you want to use Call Screening with.
Look for "Set CallerID To:" under the "Forwards To:" section near the top of the Number Configuration page.
Select the CallerID Option you'd like
Hit "Update"