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When Tossable Digits forwards a call from your Virtual Number and you answer, Call Announce will play a short audio message to only the person answering the call, not to the caller. This short audio message can help you know when a call is coming from our service, rather than directly to your phone.

Some of our customers use this feature to let their customers know that it is a call forwarded to them by their business, such as lead tracking services.

This feature compliments and is similar to the CallerID on Forwarded Calls feature, allowing you to know when a call is forwarded from a Virtual Number rather than a call directly to your phone. Use Call Announce instead of CallerID if having the CallerID of the caller show up on your phone is important to your workflow, and you still want to know when the call is coming in from your Virtual Number.

This feature is optional and can be enabled or disabled on each Virtual Number individually. You can use the same or different custom audio greetings that we provide or you record yourself across any or all of your Virtual Numbers.
Call Announce Feature

Dynamic Call Announce

Under the Announcement message select box, you can select Male or Female under the "Generated Greetings" section to use Dynamic Call Announce. The text Nickname of your Virtual Number will be read to you once you answer the call. For example, if your Nickname is "Scranton Office," Dynamic Call Announce will say "Call from Scranton Office" using Text-to-Speech. Immediately after you hear that your call will be connected. When you change the Nickname, your Call Announce audio will also change!

How to use Call Announce

  1. Click on the Virtual Number that you want to use Call Announce with.
  2. Scroll down to Features and select Call Announce.
  3. Select "On" and choose an Announcement message. Click "Preview" to listen to the message.
  4. Hit "Save"
Call Announce location on Number Configuration PageCall Announce location on Number Configuration Page