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API Overview

The Tossable Digits web interface is great for managing your Virtual Numbers. We have found that some of our customers want to integrate our service into their own systems, such as Newspaper Advertising Management or Mystery Shopping businesses. For those who are technically inclined and have a great idea on how to improve, remix, or simply include our service in your own product offerings, our API is ideal.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and provides you a way to use and integrate our services into your own custom application, without requiring the use of our User Interface on our own website. The API gives you Real-Time access to your account -- all of your Virtual Numbers, Calls, Voicemails, and even the ability to search our inventory and add Virtual Numbers to your account. You can change feature settings, update the forwarding number, disconnect numbers -- almost anything you can do on our site you can do with our API.

To get started with our API, you simply need to create an API key (found under Profile once you log into your account). You can also lock down your API access to specific IP Addresses, Dynamic Hostnames and CIDR blocks to prevent unauthorized access to your account, though by default any IP will be able to access your account via the API.

Once you have your API key, you can start implementing it! We support both SOAP and HTTP REST-like request interfaces, and SOAP (XML), JSON and serialized PHP for output. Let us know if you're looking for a different method of access. Our API Documentation covers all of the functionality that we currently offer via the API. If you have a feature you think would be useful, or just have questions, let us know!

Get Started!

  1. Log into the Sandbox Server (wait up to 1 hour after new account creation)
  2. Create a Sandbox API key
  3. Add your Allowed Hosts
  4. Read the API Documentation 
  5. Integrate into your own website, product or mobile application using the Sandbox URL and API Key
  6. Log into the Production Server
  7. Create a Production API key
  8. Update your code to use the Production URL and Production API Key

If you find that you outgrow your subscription plan give us a shout and we'll work with you to build a plan that's right for you.