We offer Two-Factor Authentication because we Value Security

Add additional security to your account using an app-based Two-Factor Authentication, further protecting your phone numbers from unauthorized access.

Privacy and Security are two words you will hear a lot from us.

Unlike a lot of other virtual phone number companies (especially Google Voice), we put security first. We donĀ“t sell or release information such as usage, or account information. We have been providing a discrete virtual phone number service since 2005, and we have an amazing reputation for it!

Two-Factor authentication further secures your account to prevent unauthorized access to your account. If you use your Virtual Number to secure other accounts, securing your phone number from unauthorized access is vital.

We offer only TOTP or Time-Based One-Time Password support. This is because verification via SMS can be easily circumvented by insecure customer service practices at many wireless carriers. In one case, someone lost $8,000 after Verizon forwarded calls and texts to another person who only had the target's billing address. Because of this, we only support TOTP.

If you should ever lose your Secret or the OTP App, we generate 10 Backup Codes for your use. You can use these only once, as once they are used they are deleted. Contact Support if you need new ones. You can view these codes by clicking the "View Backup Codes" button once you are enrolled. These codes are longer than the TOTP Codes we use. Store them in a secured, locked place.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication is easy Click here.

Our Customers Love Tossable Digits

As JetSmarter's services expand worldwide, Tossable Digits enables our company to have local dial-in numbers from any location around the world.
-- Chief Financial Officer of JetSmarter, Fort Lauderdale, FL
As a mystery shopping company being incognito is vital. Tossable Digits allows us to be wherever we want to be from. Across the country or across that globe. They always have tons of available numbers in stock for every state and vanity numbers at affordable rates.
-- Denver, Colorado USA
It works right away, its extremely reliable, easy to set up and use, and a really good bargain.
-- Brooklyn, New York USA

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